About Gervais Jewelers

Gervais Jewelers has a rich history of amazing service here in Montevideo. Like many family-owned and operated companies, it started long ago - 36 years in fact - with owner Paul Gervais. Paul's father was a professional watchmaker and jeweler in Jackson, Minnesota. He ran the store when Paul was a small boy, and so Paul got a jeweler’s education from the time he was young.

After school (as the shop was on the way home), Paul would work with his father; learning the trade and helping with customer orders and assistance. Once Paul’s father decided to retire, after college, Paul Gervais decided to follow in his footsteps and continue on the Gervais family’s tradition of service and quality for himself.

And continue he did!

Today, Gervais Jewelers is synonymous with exceptional engagement rings, watches, and expertly-made custom jewelry. We take a personal approach and interest in everything we do – all backed by employees who have hundreds of years of combined experience between them. With locations in both Morris and Montevideo, MN, Gervais Jewelers offers all our customers the selection, design, and repair services they need to truly stand out every day.